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Ascot Chocolates

Golden Bliss Box/ Golden Delight Box

Golden Bliss Box/ Golden Delight Box

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Gleaming in gold, our box holds a trio of delights – Truffle Shells, Chocolates and Brownies. Unwrap the luxury, savor the sweetness and indulge in the golden moments to make them memorable.


12 pcs Assorted Flavours Chooclates (Coconut, ButterScotch, Plain Truffle, Walnut, Cappucino) 10 Pcs of Truffle Chocolates(Coconut, Hazelnut, Orange, Caramel, Butterscotch) 4 Pcs Tarts( Caramel, Walnut) 2 pcs Chocolate Brownie. Chocolates = 225gms & Brownies =160 gms
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